Work on a Smartwatch is in progress


Apple has good cause to enter the market of wearable computers without any difficulties. Over the lastweekend, The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal speculated about the possible reality of thiskind of a watch-like device. Unfortunately, their sources remain anonymous.

As The New York Times states, the curved glass technology would become the basis for a wrist-worndevice in order to win the competition making a remarkable distinction in usability and appearanceamong products of other probable rival companies. Obviously, this project hasn’t acquired particularresults remaining in the experimental stage and it requires further thorough testing, because it’s justthe beginning of the development of this idea. Moreover, Apple could reach a settlement on the projectwith their partner Foxconn which is responsible for production. They discussed possible solutions todifferentiate the product from usual tablets or smartphones, offering the completely new way ofinteraction.
Apple is widely known for its independent experimental department that generates several kinds ofdevices and their designs, however, only a minor part of them can actually reach the market. The nextmember of the concept group is a television set which is already in a fishbowl, even though it may existin a certain way, there is no guarantee that Apple will introduce the product in the market.

Usually this company declines any comments on their further product development, but Rotman Eppsexpressed his opinion about the current situation, saying that Apple is actually present in the market ofnew wearables. This idea is represented with already marketed accessories synchronizing with iOS likeNike+ FuelBand, Lark watch or the Jawbone UP.