IPhone 5 is losing its position in the world rankings


Individual approach to the creation of unique devices, which are now very easy to use, enables thelargest company in the world of Apple with extreme confidence from one year to officially lead in allratings of satisfaction of its users from all over the world. But alas, the recently released iPhone 5recently broke this rather pleasant tradition of the company. Four of the most famous Androidsmartphone uses a simply went around the latest generation of the latest iPhones. Another global study of special satisfaction fans and users of its smartphones practical held in the U.S..Conducted by researchers from the center of his "OnDevice Research". The results showed that to dateiPhone 5 finished in fifth place in the ranking of gaining 8.23 points.

It is true in the study, attentionwas drawn to only U.S. residents, whose number reached 92,825. Many attribute their dissatisfactionquickly deplete the battery in the unit. More successfully using its popular iPhone 5 in the UK. After all, this country unique devices of Appletook second place in the rankings, gaining 8.21 points. The number of people who participated in thisstudy was 52 140 people. But most of them voted for HTC One X. British people are not happy with thecamera and the iPhone 5 case. Some complain about the failure in the system smartphone. Many researchers assert that in the near future, a great company Apple will consider all comments andcomplaints of its users.

This alignment will give the creators of stylish vehicles a new goal, which willfocus on creating a unique and distinctive innovations.

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