Big War


Apple, the company continues to surprise its customers new products. Some time ago it was reported that between Apple and Nokia broke out a real war for the technicalimplementation of the standard method of nano-SIM. Recall that in general, nano-SIM is 30% smaller and 15% thinner cards micro-SIM. Apple offers a versionof the nano-SIM, when the smartphone or device uses a special tray for the card. This design is not thefirst successfully used in all models of the iPhone and iPad. In the version Nokia SIM-card is inserted intoits seat in the manner of flash memory cards, and the Finnish manufacturer assures the public that itsdevelopment is more advanced technically. The dispute between the two companies should be resolved this week when the European Institute of Telecommunications Standards (ETSI - EuropeanTelecommunications Standards Institute) will make the final decision as to whose embodiment of themicro-SIM will be the main standard. Selection will be based on the voting members of standardization. Now it became known that Apple is going to bring to their decision more supporters.

To this end, shesent a letter to participants ETSI, which resulted in an additional argument in favor of his version of thestandard nano-SIM. In particular, Apple promises to license all of the standard required for its nano-SIMpatent without the requirement to pay royalties. In this case, Apple requires reciprocity to all thepatents of other companies associated with the nano-SIM, is also licensed under the same terms.

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